In person guided sound experiences in nature.

In this offering, we bring ourselves to lay on the skin of Mother Gaia. Madeleine offers sound as a prayer and an offering to the land and invites you into a guided meditation to connect your heart to the heart of Gaia. Here we are given an open space to explore her energy in our own body. This can be experienced laying down on a blanket, exploring the environment within the sphere of sacred space, allowing her energy to move through your creativive-inclined body, and/or sitting in meditation receiving her love, wisdom and guidance. This experience can be facilitated on a land that you live on, or sign up for my mailing list to know when I will be offering them somewhere specific. 



This sound medicine is delivered as a layering of various sounds codes and Kis, harmonies and beneficial dissonances, light language and known words, creating an immersive soundscape that percolates from a infinite well of love.  

The nature of this sonic medicine envelopes it’s auditory audience into the depths of voidal spaciousness, giving a perceived permission slip for participants to cross through the curtains of time, space and dimension, where self can be experienced as one with the unified field, infinite Love and unconditionality of Source energy.  

This is where wholeness is remembered. This is the place where we experience our multidimensionality. We can honor what comes up emotionally/physically/spiritually and offer up love elixirs from our heart to heal the dissonance/seperation and create real positive change.

This offering can be in person or donw remotely.


marma Therapy

Marma Therapy is an ayurvedic healing modality that helps the body remember how to heal itself. Using various bodywork techniques: yoga physiotherapy, walking on the body, acupressure, akhara oil massage, and pranic healing, we push out stagnant energy and refill the body with new, fresh vital life force energy. Each session includes 2 hours of bodywork, time for arrival, integration, and an herbal detoxification tea is served for your health and enjoyment. 

If you are interested, please reach out for pricing and any other questions you might have. I look forward to serving you in this way. 


vocal explorations