Sonic Elixirs Alchemical Movement

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Cygnet's Way, 26 Downs St., Kingston

Through opening her vocal channels, Madeleine creates a sacred soundscape allowing for participants intuitive movement or rest. Intuitive movement is a practice of connecting to your body’s wisdom and language to develop a deeper and stronger relationship between body, mind and spirit. This can be through choosing to lay down, sit or move.

In this 1.5 hour session, we connect to our hearts, to the heart of Mother Earth, and to the heart of our Higher Self as we explore movement with intention. We will begin with a guided meditation for alignment. Spaciousness is provided through Madeleine’s vocal sound to facilitate the self informed movement or rest practice.

This practice is one of inner alchemy. Each time we show up for this connection to the source of love within ourselves we illuminate and expand our heart and our capacities for love and communion with the people around us, with the land we walk on, and the stars that we connect to in the sky. Please join us in this Alchemical Dance! By Donation!