Pre-Order Wild Woman today! The real life story of Madeleine Grace

Dear Beloveds,

The past 3 1/2 years I have been pursuing a singer/songwriter/musician career slowly but persistently. I have asked for a ton of help from my beloveds and strangers alike, and the level of generosity never ceases to amaze me. Each time my level of gratitude increases ten fold! This past month has kind of been a money drain... I always plan to have enough, and I always plan to have a chunk left over so when I get home I can pay rent (and parking tickets i've accumulated ;/ …)  but life constantly shows me that my relationship with money is still in-progress… I guess..  I find myself in a space between not letting money limit my thoughts/creations/actions and a place of knowing that our economy system is literally designed to make it extremely hard for the bottom 99% of human beings to live a financially successful and fulfilled life. So I do my best to live alternatively, often trying to take the path of barter or trade instead of purchasing new or mainstream. As a result, I live pretty cheaply, but I know it's not feeding my fullest potential.

I’m interested in keeping my bank account alive and well, for when it is, my life can streamline and function a lot more smoothly. Though right now, (and I’m being totally honest and transparent), it’s pretty depleted. I need to figure something out. 

Side Note: I just found out that playing music and being compensated in anyway (including room and board accommodations….) is ILLEGAL when not in your own country. WHOOPS! The Untied Kingdom almost didn’t let me through the boarder because they thought that I was going to try to stay to make money playing music on the street…. like really?!?! OK.     ... OK.  

So this is kind of important that I figure out a way to make some money. I’m not asking for donations like I have in the past. But rather I’m looking to Raise this money in exchange for my work.  

The way I’d like to raise this money is with a combinations of a few methods. I’d absolutely LOVE if you’d sign up for my fan club subscription! It’s only $5 (or more if you want!) a month for a new piece of my original artwork which is usually multi media and always changing so you can never get bored! (Hint.. this year I’m thinking a lot about a collaboration between music and dance music videos…)

The other way I’d like to fundraise this money is by having interested parties pre-order my next album, which will be released this coming Spring/Summer season. I’m thinking to release this album solely as an MP3 version and not in physical CD form. There will most likely be limited edition Vinyl pressed for the hipsters with record players out there (myself included..) But I’m not interested in producing more plastic, while the way technology is advancing, music can be played in so many ways through MP3 and CD's are becoming kind of obsolete..  

If a mix of 100 or so of my beloveds and strangers wanted to either join my fan club/ pre order my next album, I’d be able to raise enough money to make the Month of March totally livable an doable to feel secure.  

And here comes the sales pitch: I don’t want you to just take my word for it. I want you to Feel into it. Feel into the song art that I make and see if it resonates within your being. Does it make you feel something you’ve never felt? Does it make you feel ALIVE? Does it bring to light something you might have been keeping in the shadows?  

To me, my music is a representation of my own emotional and physical expressive process of BE-ing HUMAN. We humans share so much in common, yet we’ve been discouraged from sharing our truths in order to avoid seeming week and vulnerable. But the Truth is, Vulnerability is Strength. It means growth/expansion/progress in the process of living life to our fullest potentials. The Truth is, we all share the Human experience in different ways, but it is all the same. When we show each other Love through support and unleveling, supporting someone being in and living their truth, we encourage others to do the same.

If you’d like to invest in Truth, Love and expanding to your fullest potential, please consider pre-ordering my next album. It’s titled Wild Woman. 

Wild Woman because She lives in everyone. Every person no matter man or woman or if they prefer to identify as non-binary, EVERYONE has the Wild Woman inside of them. Want to get to know her? You can find her inside of your Truth. You can also get a taste for her inside my next album. I’ve been procuring her now for over 3 years and she's been growing a learning quite quickly how to inhabit my body. She loves the heart. In fact, She has built a nest, nestled sweetly inside of my ribcage right next to my heart so she can be close to its beating, close to its warm steady rhythm, close to the source of deep, ultimate knowing. Pre-order Wild Woman for $15 and You’ll be supporting a Wild Woman in the making. Turning the rainbow light of Truth into embodied flesh and blood of a woman named Madeleine Grace. 

This is what the breakdown of the month of March’s money requirements look like: 

 -$80 phone bill 

 -$55 Credit card bill (almost paid off… Hallelujah!  :) ) 

 -$200 for my artist residency program at The Sanctuary in Arcata, CA 

 -$100 for Gas to drive from LA to Arcata 

 -$50-100 for food for the month 

 -$300 approximately for gas and food while traveling back to NY state 

 -$330 for April’s rent 

Thats roughly $1,165 that I need to raise to feel SECURE. 

This is my Goal. Also, while in my residency, I will actively be advertising teaching voice lessons as well a voice workshop and putting on pop-up performances, playing for tips and also hopefully some paid gigs.  I know it will all work out. I’m fully engulfed in the flow of the lively river of life, and I know, no matter what, It’s all part of the walking the Path. 

Speaking of the path… I do feel like this is a huge expansion point for me. Learning how to create a sustainable living while living my truth has been a tumultuous and rocky journey which I’ve supplemented with farming, gardening, landscaping, and catering, and I know I’m finally being asked to make my life easier and more sustainable by narrowing down the places I put my energy. I’m accepting the challenge out of both necessity and desire. 

Thank you in advance for your consideration to support the cause! And know that I love you no matter what you choose. 

For the Fan Club Subscription, follow this link:  

For pre-ordering Wild Woman, Send $15 (or more if you's like! who am I to limit your generosity??) through to and add "Wild Woman Pre-Order" as the caption <3


Also! For anyone interested in Madeleine’s List of Goals for this Year, I have written them down as I have been super inspired by my travels.                             Note: this list is largely based on what I haven't been able to do consistently while traveling but have a very strong urge for. 

-write music on a more regular basis while feeling natural and in the flow. 

-meditate and have a toning practice every morning 

    -during meditation, ask what my body wants for fuel, what food does     it want to be nourished by?  

    -ask my body what kind of movement it wants 

-Cardio vascular exercise daily 

-More dance breaks and expression sessions <3 

-Feel into the idea of creating songs on the loop pedal and then bringing in the dance expression into it. maybe starting to make music videos that way???


WOW this was a long Post...

Thank you for making it to the bottom!

Lots of Love always from your's truly,

Madeleine Grace


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