Italy pt. I

Wow! Italy... What can I start with... I arrived on February 1st at 9pm to Naples. The air was thick with moisture. A dear friend that I haven't seen since college and her husband came to pick me up and they let me stay with them for a few days in their apartment. She has an amazing view of Mount Vesuvius and the city of Naples. What I learned from my stay there is that Napoli is not a place for the faint of heart. As a pedestrian, if you make eye contact with a driver, you give up your "right-of-way"... roads are narrow with cobblestone lots of potholes, filled with people walking, driving cars, motorcycles, scooters and bicycles alike. Fruit and vegetable markets in every neighborhood, fast paced and expedient. Disorienting and chaotic but has literally the best pizza in all of Italy., which a classico pizza should not cost your more than 4 or 5€, or you're paying too much. Fried Pizza is totally a thing too.... and its delicious, you have to try it only once though...hahhah! 

That was Napoli. 

Then there was Cuma.. a whole other story.  

Cuma is where the seat of Cumaean Sibyl rests. Sibyl was an orator of the future who predicted the coming of the savior Jesus to the Romans. I visited Cuma and me and my friend were the only people there! As i walked into the entrance of the Cave of Sibyl, I immediately felt inspired to sing. I started to HUM as I walked down the hallway and made it to the end where a small empty space resided. I sat on the stone seat, closed my eyes and tuned into the space. I felt overtaken by the vibrations of the echoes my voice was creating. It felt as if I had tapped into some ancient sound, perhaps Sibyl herself, was singing through me. I instantly fell in love with the space and the land. When I finished toning, we went back out into the light. we collected some acorns and went up to see the temple of Apollo and the temple of Diana. The temple of Diana was designed specifically so that on a very specific August full moon (of which i cent remember exactly...) The Full moon's light will shine on the Alter of Diana, the goddess of the Moon. 

Pompei: The ancient city that was destroyed by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. I really felt into the marble and stone that built the city. It was a man made city. Where Man meant to get far away from the forest. It was a city that removed you from Nature. It was a city that was designed for the long run. very intentionally built and had very clever systems in place to function efficiently. Water was collected when in rained in Basins carved into the stone ground that was then distributed to several different places. When I walked among the streets of this ancient city, I felt that the eruption came at the perfect timing. Though as humans, this kind of natural disaster where so many lives were lost can seem sad... What I felt was the need for change. And that change was brought on by Mt. Vesuvius. It was a powerful feeling... not sure how else to talk about it. 

Now for the last week I've been in Gemmano. A small historical town outside of Rimini. I've been staying with a friend I haven't seen in a few years and it's been amazing to catch up! He is living with a few friends who started a Hand made (Sal'Meni in Italian) farmers market where they sell herbs they have dried, wines and jams they have made and the also make Cassoni, which is a Piada stuffed with either delicious herbs they wild harvest, roasted squash, or cabbage and chard. I've been having the pleasure of learning their traditional lifestyle and way of working with food. The Piada is a staple food for my friends. its like a wrap, or a large Tortilla but it's made with grains they have grown, harvested and milled. They have taught me how to make the Piada the traditional way as they do, and I'm hooked..... I'm already day dreaming of how I'll get my hands on a large bread making board, a rolling pin and a flat cast iron pan....! 

While I've been in Italy. Internet has been rare to come across. on a logistical front, my phone has pretty much been turned off and I haven't sent or received messages for days at a time. One evening this past weekend when I accessed internet I received a message that said my car was missing from where i had left it in Orange County, California. I had to figure out how to recover it from overseas! Fortunately the fine folks I left it with were a tremendous help in locating it and bringing it back to where it was and hopefully keeping it safe for the remainder of my time in Italy.... Its a costly lesson to learn, as I had to fork over $650 to get it out of Jail... It had been towed.... but I'm so grateful it wasn't stolen! 

I'm realizing how much has happened and how much there is to report on! I simply just don't have the time to be writing daily on these events but I'm glad I was able to steal a bit of time today to write :) 

Next I'll be going to Florence for a few days on the 23-25th. On the 26th I have a SoFar concert in Pisa I'll be performing at! I'm really excited for this.. I was supposed to fly out of Naples on the morning of the 26th, but i got this offer and decided to change my flight. it's going to be more expensive... and i'm already feeling broke from the towing of my car... But i can't let that stop me from following my heart! So i'll be doing it anyway! 

Lots of Love! 



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